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"The Comprehensive Planning Approach used by Superior LTC is the most effective approach that I have seen. I know of no other company with such a depth of knowledge and professional responsibility in the LTC Planning Process."
- Lorin Castleman, JD

"In my opinion, the Comprehensive Planning Approach utilized by Superior LTC sets the standard for how best to plan ahead for this very real threat to our clientís standard of living."
- Donald St. Clair, CFP

"Learning how to use the Comprehensive Planning Approach to long-term care made me realize the importance of planning in advance for both my clients AND my own family."
- Linda Silveria, Estate Planning Attorney

"(Hammís book) is the most comprehensive and easiest to understand guide on a complicated financial and estate planning issue."
- Rob Black, Host, Ask the Experts, KRON-TV, San Francisco

"Clearly different than the normal drill! Superior LTC teaches a process for planning within the context of our unique financial and estate planning objectives."
- Stephen Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform

"Superior LTC did a splendid job in helping me sort out my options. Their explanations were clear, to the point, and well informed. I found them to be terrifically efficient and patient. One could not wish for more."
- Charles Griswold, Boston University

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