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The Smart LTC Planning System™ is offered to the clients of Objective Financial Advisors on an area exclusive basis. Consumers in each market who contact us directly about creating a Smart LTC Plan are educated about the differences between Objective Financial Advisors and traditional financial advisors. If that person appears to qualify for the services of the advisory firm that holds the exclusive agreement in that market area, we attempt to guide them to the firm for a exclusive agreement in that market area, we attempt to guide them to the firm for a get-acquainted meeting. These meetings have resulted in new client relationships.


Objective financial advisors are in the best position to assist their clients with initiating the development of a Smart LTC Plan. You understand your clients’ financial situations, their goals, and their philosophies regarding risk management. You are the only one they trust for advice and guidance concerning money matters of all kinds, particularly those that have a potentially detrimental effect on their family’s financial security. LTC Planning is an essential area of service for Objective Financial Advisors because you are entrusted with protecting the assets and estates of your clients.

A major LTC Planning roadblock for financial professionals has been the lack a turn-key resource for competently addressing this issue for their clients.

To solve this problem, Superior LTC has developed the proprietary Smart LTC Plan System. This service delivers the education and solutions your clients need in order to make an informed LTC Planning decision.

Superior LTC works with you and your clients “your way.” We learn what “your way” is by asking and listening to your needs.

Some of our services and resources include:

  • “Do-It-For-You”: Refer your client to us for consultations, policy audits of existing coverage, and claims assistance
  • LTC Planning EXCLUSIVELY: No other financial advice, products, or services are discussed with your client
  • LTC Planning Education Modules: The most advanced long-term care planning curriculum in the
    industry, available online, 24/7
  • Training in the Smart LTC Plan Process: How to initiate a discussion with your clients
  • Webinars: Provided to your clients on a 1:1 basis or on a group basis
  • Customized Smart LTC Plan: Regardless of which of the 4 options your client chooses, we create a customized, written plan which documents your client’s choice. A copy of the plan is provided to you and is also permanently archived in our system
  • Superior LTC Advice Line:
    Periodic newsletter to keep you informed of issues related to LTC Planning

Tell us how we can serve you and your clients and learn more about our services.


We are happy to work with advisors who are not located near physical office. We have found that with effective use of technology, such as virtual web meetings, e-mail, and teleconferences, our advisors are able to save time and still be served well.