About Us

Our Purpose:

Superior LTC’s purpose is to assist clients of Objective Financial Advisors by helping them create their Smart LTC Plan. If a consumer does not have an Objective Financial Advisor, we assist them in finding one.

How We Can Help You:

  • Creators of the proprietary Smart LTC Plan Process for developing the most effective written plan for long-term care based on a family’s unique personal and financial objectives
  • Each client receives a written Smart LTC Plan regardless of which option they choose
  • Our Carrier Evaluation Process assures that any carrier we recommend meets an established set of standards and exemplifies excellence in service and claims payment history
  • Our Claims Assistance assures the least possible stress at the time of claim

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Allen Hamm, Founder and President

Location: Pleasanton, CA

Years experience: 23 years specializing exclusively in LTC Planning.

What we do: Superior LTC Planning Services, Inc. specializes in Long-Term Care Planning and Insurance  exclusively. We offer no other financial, estate planning, or insurance products/advice.

Our Differentiation: We educate and assist the clients of financial professionals – Financial Planners, Estate Planning Attorney’s and CPA’s – in developing a Smart LTC Plan. Regardless of the option the client chooses to pay for their long-term care, a WRITTEN plan is created and distributed to the appropriate parties.

Our Market: We serve Objective Financial Advisors who are trusted to protect their clients’ assets and portfolios from risks such as the need for long-term care.

Our Approach: Superior LTC uses the proprietary Smart LTC Plan Process, which ensures that the client’s LTC Plan is developed and integrated with their personal and financial objectives.

We are happy to work with clients who do not live near our physical office. We have found that with effective use of technology, such as virtual web meetings, e-mail, and teleconferences, our clients are able to save time and still be served well.

For further requests or inquiries, please call us at 1-800-400-0577 or email us at info@superiorltc.com