For Objective Financial Advisors

The Superior LTC Smart LTC Planning System comprehensively and professionally serves the LTC Planning and Management needs of your clients. It allows you to communicate the importance of having a plan for LTC by providing your clients with a predictable solution: By retaining the services of an unbiased expert to serve them in this area of planning and implementation.

This positions comprehensive LTC Planning Services as one of the value-added benefits of becoming a client of your firm, without you having to become an expert in this area or hiring additional staff. The Smart LTC Planning System allows you and your advisors to spend more time concentrating on revenue generating activities that will attract new clients to your firm.

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For Consumers

Long-Term Care insurance is not for everyone. But the need to have a plan for long-term care is essential. Millions of Americans fail to plan for long-term care because of the perception that the two terms, LTC Planning and LTC Insurance are synonymous.

Traditional insurance agents promote insurance using such phrases as "LTC insurance is for everyone" and "LTC insurance should be as common as car insurance." These types of myths, along with the aggressive sales approaches used by these agents naturally cause most Americans to be suspicious and to ignore LTC Planning in general.

The Smart LTC Planning System (explained in one of the free chapters of the book above) solves this problem. It evaluates all of your options for paying for long-term care, not just LTC insurance, within the context of your unique situation.

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