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"After personally seeing the true consequences of a long-term care event, I am convinced that long-term care represents people’s biggest uncovered risk."

- Bob Bingham, CFP™
Bingham, Osborn, & Scarborough

The following is an excerpt from our book Long-Term Care Planning: Assuring Choice, Independence, and Financial Security.... by Allen Hamm, President and Founder of Superior LTC Planning Services, Inc. (See more excerpts below)

The Only Effective Way to Plan for Long-Term Care

The LTC Planning industry is heavily influenced by the insurance industry because the foundation of today's LTC Planning is detrimentally rooted in the creation of LTC insurance. LTC insurance was invented and extensively promoted prior to the mass aging of America's population, which is ushering in the need to plan ahead. This fact is responsible for most people lacking a plan for long-term care.

The most effective way to plan for long-term care is to clearly view LTC Planning as an integral component of the financial and estate planning process. Embracing this viewpoint makes it apparent that the first person to initiate your plan for long-term care is your financial professional. Your advisor, who may be your Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Estate Planning Attorney, is familiar with your unique situation and can work with an LTC Planning expert to make sure your plan is integrated with your personal and financial objectives. This approach is called the Comprehensive Planning Approach to long-term care.

To receive information about developing your LTC Plan using the Comprehensive Planning Approach, click here.
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  • Introduction: Long-Term Care Is A Family Affair
  • Is Long-Term Care Planning a woman's issue?
  • Why is Long-Term Care Planning important?
  • Why have a written plan for long-term care?
  • Who should you trust for guidance in developing your plan?
  • What are the 4 ways to pay for long-term care?
  • How do you determine the best option for you and your family?
  • How important is it to receive assistance with long-term care insurance claims?

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