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Our Mission:
Superior LTC is the leading provider of Education, Advice, and Solutions for Long-Term Care Planning. Our proven process guides those who "plan ahead" to a reliable, predictable long-term care solution. The result allows our clients to keep the promise they've made to their family, that promise being: "I will plan my future and not burden you with my need for long-term care."

Our Differentiations:

  • 19 years experience specializing exclusively in LTC Planning
  • Creators of the proprietary Comprehensive Planning Approach to Long-Term Care, a 7-step process for developing the most effective written plan for long-term care based on a family's unique personal and financial objectives
  • Each client receives a Written Plan for long-term care regardless of which option they choose for their plan
  • Our Carrier Evaluation Process assures that any carrier we recommend meets an established set of standards and exemplifies excellence in service and claims payment history
  • Our Claims Assistance assures the least possible stress at the time of claim

We are happy to work with clients who do not live near our physical office. We have found that with effective use of technology, such as virtual web meetings, e-mail, and teleconferences, our clients are able to save time and still be served well.
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